Sunday, September 14, 2014

Larry Watson files

Fellow countryman Rik Hoving has been managing a fabulous website on kustom cars and hotrods and a very extensive picture archive for many years now and he also has a lot of custom paint pioneer Larry Watson pics up for everyone  to see, here is a selection of bikes mr Watson painted back in the 60s. (he was more famous for his paint on cars, but there sure were a lot of bikes too)
If you have several weeks to spend, go check out Rik's site!:

Supercool show Triumph and matching upholstery with the Econoline below!?

the man at work

Triumphs galore!

The tricked out truck that trucked the "Golden Sahara" custom Cadillac around


  1. The photo with the yellow building with the sign Muffler's and the yellow Chevy pu with the iron cross on the door was Gene's muffler shop on Lakewood blvd just south of the Lakewood drive in. It's where we had our manifolds split for twice pipes with Bellflower tips and our spring heated to drop our rides to the bottom of the rim.That's low!

  2. Awesome anecdote mr Anonymous! I'd loved to have been part of that scene back then! Did they heat the spring while on the car!??

  3. Yes, Gene did. Some like my 41 Chevy coupe had to have the metal wrap to keep the dirt out of the spring leafs cut off before de-arching them. The front coils were easier. We always visited Watson's shop next door when at Gene's. Dr. Sprocket here again my friend. Back to yesterday.

  4. Thanks again Doc! always great to hear stories like this