Monday, September 15, 2014

Chopper by DocJ

Found this cool pic on an older website "custom choppers guide" and this was a sent in pic by a reader Doc J from Rickman, Tennessee. Added was this:

After returning home from my second and last tour of Vietnam, I purchased a brand new 1973 Honda CB500 off the show room floor. I had several crashes, chopping it as I went along;
-Specs: CB 500 Motor bored out to 550cc - Amen Hardtail Frame with 30 Degree Neck Rake

- Amen 16" over twisted springer front end - Amen chromed battery/tool box - four-into-one Hooker headers - Hallcraft front pad brakes hub with custom twisted spokes front and rear - Twisted apehanger handle bars - Amen finned clutch chromed cover - Amen points and alternator chromed cover - Amen sissy pegs - Amen Wheels front and back - Amen taillight and license plate holder - Amen chromed chain guard - Amen 6" rear fender.
I rode this bike until 1983, when I got married and started having children, thought it was too risky The last of my five children just turned 21...

I have been hauling this bike around for all these years and now I think its okay for me to enjoy it I have tore it apart, painted it, chromed everything and am now putting it together. I think it is gonna be a Vietnam theme These pictures are circa 1974-1975. The bike is exactly the same today except for the paint job and more chromed.

You sir, just rule!

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