Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tank Tuesday!

 This time one from my own stash, a heavily molded triumph tank signed by Yosemite Sam! It hasn't been confirmed but its gotta be by Yosemite Sam Radoff, who laid on some of the wildest paintjobs in the 70s.

Unfortunatly it is in pretty rough shape, chuck of paint can chip off pretty easy. But check out those beautiful colors and layout!

Green/ blueish on the left and more red hues on the right

Puff puff pass!

Signature of the master!

Great raised edges and everything! This Triumph sure had have been a sight

Sam's company truck! How's that for advertising

And you've probably seen these pics before, and you can see the resemblence of the paintwork on my Triumph tank

What a killer bike!

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