Monday, October 20, 2014

My funny chopper!

Hi guys! It's been in some pics already, but let me properly introduce my little CB 750 funny chopper!

Born in 1972 it was built in the mid 70s and nothing really changed since!

Hinged Drag Specialties seat with  hidden storage underneath, fully lockable ofcourse. Nope, it's not the most baddass looking bike but its all about practicality!

Pointy stuff everywhere. And the smaller ones weren't catalog parts either, they were made on the lathe and chromed

Made in Holland, ride in Holland!

You might wonder why I like this so much, but every time my Harley didn't start or whatever, this has been standing there ready to go every time! And everything on it works, from blinkers to the horn... but that's Honda in a nutshell
And as an added bonus, this is the only bike cops can't hassle me for nothing! Just worry free motoring

Its the special paint that makes me happy too!

... and this makes me happy too! a gauge that says happy, how genius
(nevermind the oil pressure, don't think its correct)
I even found a fairing in almost identical paintjob! but no worries, it's not going on it


  1. Leave the fairing on, man!
    And sweep the pipes up. You're halfway a bosozoku bike. :D

  2. Yes leave it on! Looks so rad!!

  3. very cool bike that has solid lasting style. the fairing should be used, it adds greatness.