Thursday, April 19, 2018

Bram's 65!

It has come a long way to look this good!
Some small bugs need to be ironed out, but it's just in time for springtime!
Chopper guy at heart, he couldn't chop this one up. Instead he decided to go the more stockish look first, and then see what flows out of that.
Love this pic! Very nice glow about that thing

Bike had a lot of chrome to start with, (engine, front drum, rear forks oil tank to name a few.) so it became clear to go for the 60s custom look by adding the red stockish paintjob and some white details. White footpegs grips will folow shortly. Plus painting the heads and cylinders silver add to the whole 1960s vibe. Just a bike a GI returning from Nam would ride!!!Never mind the sagging front fork boots! that will get sorted eventually!

Who doesn't love the "sportster"script primary cover!??
 Nicely color coded with the snack-mobile in the background Bram! great job!

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  1. Time to take our sporties out for a ride through the streets of Wageningen!! Cool report!!