Monday, February 5, 2018

Ralph's Cycles

What would make this supercool pic so much better!?
15 sets of 10"overstock front ends, thats what!


  1. That looks like Brooklyn. I wonder if that Lynne Stewart is the same one who was convicted of helping terrorists not too long ago. ??? Great pic.

    1. This pic must be late 70s early 80s? I don't know the story on that Lynne Stewart.. but looking at the office building, he /she not that good at his practise!

    2. That "registered" sign is typical of NY repair shops. There would be similar signs if you were a dealer and/or an inspection station, just different colors.
      If that was late 70's, Lynne Stewart would probably be around 40 and she wouldn't have achieved much notoriety yet.