Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Chopper tank tuesday

Today, let's travel into the brain of a Michigan area biker from the 1960s and see what he's got on his mind!

Total madness, that's what!
This kick ass chopper kit was for sale a while ago, and the PO did some research as to who made it. It was not Finch although the maker must have knew him! as it has all of the insane tricks Finch used as well. Yosemite Sam maybe?

yes, that was a functioning light at one point!
the whole thing was painted orange metalflake before some twat spraypainted that black green stuff over it

And this too!

So freakin' cool and what a piece of art


  1. imagine if you found these parts at a yard sale unexpectedly, how exciting that would be.

    1. And with the matching Roth Magazine feature from 1969 in the same box!!!