Saturday, December 2, 2017


Recently unearthed by the Cycleheap crew in Portland!

Radness allover and a sweet mobile home all in one pic.
 Can it get any better!?

Cool (and rare!) Pigtail rear springs, Mac (?) pipes

crazy twisted girder, 18 minidrum wheel for a lot of unbalanced miles!

check out the twisted brake rod too!

The first form of Maltese cross taillight... much thicker body than normal!
Corbin Gentry king queen seat probably

Topped off with the blue backed Aris headlight... world renowned!!!

Such great lines! :-)



  1. I love it and the motor home too. the metal flake paint and all the parts. it is full of style. it's a treasure.
    the motor home probably smells like old gas and cat urine, lol.

    1. Yuk! cat urine and the lovely smell of spilled beer and a full ashtray!
      ... I'll take the bike and leave the motorhome alone!!