Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Alex' Dark Star Dresser!

Alex from Australia sends in this beaut!
as featured by Touring Bike magazine back in 1979.
This 1971 showbike still shines like it was just customized

The bike was also had a part in the 1980 Daytona Bike Week "Artistry in Iron" Exhibition, and this bike was invited by the MoCo!
Check it out how it sits today! Looks as new doesn't it!
As at one time mag wheels and disc brakes were the big rage, Alex plans of putting back the stock drum brakes and wire wheels, for a more classic look this 1971 deserves

Unlike the name "Dark Star" suggests it being an evil machine, it does have a nice butterfly airbrushed on the rear fender, nice touch!

It's like brand new from every angle!

Nice airbrush on the batwing, and check out the engraving of the windscreen too

Ear shattering sound system ;-)

Big and beautiful!

Thanks for sending these pics Alex!!!

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