Saturday, August 19, 2017

Bram's bike!

Had these pics for a while, (since last spring judging by the trees!)
From Bram's funky 60s ironhead chopper! and we did a nice spring stroll through the countryside!

it's an oldie but a goodie! He drives it all over the Netherlands and starts mostly in 1st or 2nd kick. All that after some money was spent on the motor ofcourse!
it's hard to tell in the pics, but that's a Ness frontend in there, topped off with a hamburger wheel and some cool narrowed six bend bars

looking great side by side!
But looks even better next to a Honda funny chopper!!!
everybody on board and ready to go

Bram had to do some mileage to break in the fresh motor, so off we went!


  1. Happy to see the bike made it on this page!! Wageningenchoppers4life!!!

    1. haha!! Wageningen chopper city jonge!!!
      Volgende keer met 2 ironheads!!