Facebook troubles

well boys and girls, it seems like I'm no longer on Facebook. they wanted me to send in copies of my ID and I'm not sure if thats a good idea!
So if you need to contact me, please send me an email which can be found in my profile on the right.
Thanks and have a good one!

Monday, October 24, 2016

shirt or bike?

what's cooler!?? :-)


  1. The bike, definetly.
    By the way: may i know more on this beauty, or may i have some more pics Sir? I've never seen such body before, on a Xr 750!
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Don! sorry man, this is the only pic or info Ive got, and maybe the body is a cutdown Tracy body?

    2. Alright, it doesn't matter. Yes a Tracy revisited, possibly. But i've never seen such a nice work on a Tracy body for a Xr 1000. Anyway...
      Thank you 'n keep going this way my boy!
      Cheers from Italy.