Saturday, September 10, 2016

3 wheeled bob-job!

It's been a while since latest from mr Magic, but here it is! And it's got one wheel more then usual!
He got himself a messed up 80s custom servicar, with heavily laquered wood bed and cheap ass wide chrome wheels (as always) and set it up quite different. an aged 3 wheeled bob job was the plan from the start and for now, this is the end result!
(but as always, some cool changes are in the works!)

business up front, party in the back!

Classic 8 Ball shiftknob

Reworked Bates seat by the man himself

Nicely aging dash and tanks.
The steering damper can be adjusted to get the front end set up just right

Star spangled siren! pretty damn loud too!

the tool box you wish you could bring along on that chopper of yours, but here: no problem!

the rear was kept as basic as possible, to emphasize the utilitarian nature.

Burglar proof!

The rear 15" wheels are topped off with classic rubber and poor mans whitewalls!
Chrome trim rings and domed hubcaps add a bit of glamour to this work horse

the 750cc flathead engine let this wild ride speed up to 110 km/h, and not a drop of oil underneath it
It has proven itself to be super reliable this past summer, and I'll bet it has gotten a load of work done to it by the previous owner. Check out those chrome cilinder heads!!!

Belt driven baby! And the original P slot airfilter is a nice touch too.
And here is the beginnings! a non running servicar with not one tightened bolt!


  1. Great ride Martin!!! and those chromed cylinder heads makes it look even more reliable!!!

  2. Another cool bike, Martin! As usual.
    I really like your style.
    Tjebbe, thanks for the report!
    Mzzl, Nars

    1. Good to hear from you Nars, glad you like it! cheers

  3. Thank you guys!! It's a blast to ride!! Greets Martin.