Saturday, February 20, 2016

King Blits 1982

from the photo albums of Jan ter Haar!
King Blits was a chopper show here in the Netherlands in the early 80s. Yes, this was it!
You must keep in mind that a Harley was not in reach of the common man, so most custom bikes were Japanese or european. The differences with a bike show like Daytona in 1982 are huuuuuge!

Jan de Wit's chopper. He still has it, but in pieces in the attic

Mild custom lowrider

Poor WLA!

This looks nice. By H. Duckers ,also a well known name in the Dutch custom scene

License plates the size of dinner plates were introduced in 1978

Big Willem's bike outside


  1. Damn, never heard of this one. Looks very good actually. For a Dutch 80's Chopper Show!Nice!

  2. they all would make good donor bikes!!!