Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dynamite by Frans de Weerdt

Many Dutch chopper enthusiasts will recognize this beauty from the posters hanging over their beds!
This bike was one of the best customized motorcycles in Holland, (that says a lot doens't it!!!) and even won 1st prize at the 1982 choppershow "King Blits" held at the RAI in Amsterdam. I don't know the whole history of the bike, but the builder Frans de Weerdt is still working and painting cars and motorcycles to this day.

1st prize winner! And other old school Dutch bike builders Jan de Wit shovel chopper on the left

And some of you might recognize my little project XS400 from a couple of years back, sporting an exact same gas tank paint! (minus the name "Dynamite " on the sides) which I found at a motorcycle wrecking yard


  1. Cool chopper and cool gastank find Tjebbe! looks like the brother of that funny chopper standing at Tjeerds store ehh.....

  2. yeah it bears some resemblance... what were the Dutch thinking back then ey!??

  3. yo ZZ weet jij wie die tank van jou ooit gespoten heeft of waar die daarvoor opzat? Die zit nou op mijn Evo namelijk
    groeten uit het zonnige zuiden!

  4. hey mannen! helaas, ik weet niet wie, maar misschien Frans de weerdt zelf wel? ben benieuwd naar je evo!!! groeten terug!!!

  5. Gaaf om Jan de Wit back in the day terzine,chopperbouwer van het eerste uur!

    Groet Arie(Panman)

  6. Ja geinig he! ik was dr onlangs nog ff en tegenwoordig is zn baard een stuk langer en grijzer! haha