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Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Stepchild!

Originally built by my buddy mr Magic, but in my fostercare for quite some time now! 
For me it was the first ironhead I drove and never knew these things really fly! So when he told me he was thinking of selling it, I jumped on it straight away.
It's a totally different animal as a bigtwin. Lighter, narrower, faster and a totally different seating position all come to mind. Also the soft rear suspension make it a joy to drive, even over the cobblestones in the city. the new Avon tires help with fast cornering too
Bridge over the river Rhine
Also a lame attempt to imitate the picture that started mr Magic to build this bike

Jacked up! to overcome every obstacle!

Chrome everything

Expect the unexpected!

Well, no-one in my hometown expects to see a pink and white sportster flying by, thats for sure


Thumbs up for chrome drum brakes!

And a rare pic of me driving it! Thanks Ciro!


  1. I had the honor of seeing this bike live and jump on, all very true, lighter, narrower and more, very great bike very good show, congratulations buddy!