Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday Tankday

Today a couple of nice and colorful tanks by the legendary pinstriper Dave Bell, who unfortunatly deceased in 2012. In pinstriping he was famous for the use of blending colors in a line and  If you start googleing his name, the first stop is Irish Rich's place Applied Machete, where you can learn a bit more of the man. check it here
These tanks below were for sale on Ebay a while ago (and I think the mustang tank still is up for grabs)
So nice combination of metalflakes, candies and striping

Nice ones!
Ever try to make a perfect circle with a 2 inch long haired brush!?!

And another mustang tank that was signed by David in 1977

Color explosion!
I thought the eyeball was a Vondutch creation!?

the seller was aiming for the  size of the damage, but it gives a nice clear view on the cobwebbing

 another legendary paintjob by the man, you've probably seen this one before.

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