Wednesday, September 2, 2015


almost a year later, it is finally driveable!
Slapped on a bunch of K model parts like the tank, headlight shroud and taillight and kept the whole bike nice and chubby.

Also added some old style tires by Shinko which recently have a 19 x 4.00 in their program. It's a tight squeeze!
The cool thing is that I could re-use a lot of stuff that was already on the bike like the crash bars, spotlight bar, seat and tank logo's to name a few. Which all give it a nice dressed 1950's style looks if you ask me!

big thanks to Erwin who tipped me on the bike in the first place,
mr Magic, Daan, Rudi, next beers are on me!

remember how it first looked!?


  1. That thing is awesome!! Nice job!!

  2. Thanks guys! It's nice to drive with the big tires and low stance

  3. Fuck yeah!!! Been wantin to ask how u were makin out w it. If AMF aquired Harley in the 50s, THATS what it would look like. Looks rad dude. Yer mock up pics were awesome but this beat em by a long shot. MAN, I want a #1 points covers soooo bad! That points cover will b the next part i forego payin the rent for! Well done sir!

  4. thanks a lot man, appreciate it!
    I could do a 100 more ironheads man, they're fun as hell to mockup!