Monday, August 31, 2015

the Funny Brothers!

Recently got this cool email from the Canadian brothers Justin and Sterling with a couple of pics of their fresh builds. Low and behold some awesome Funny choppers!!!! How cool is that!
the "high Horse" and the "blue Bird" in the back

The brothers live 800 miles apart, so this is a rare picture of both bikes together in one place

This was the humble beginnings of Sterling's High Horse, a 1977 CB750A 2-speed automatic.
He didn't leave a single piece of metal untouched, jugs were bored out to 836cc and installed a set of 9:1 compression 863 pistons; load of port and polish work on the head. The frame took countless hours  to mold and sand smooth. Sterling also laid on the silver basecoat and Tangerine candy paintjob.
The front is the stock unit, but with 11 over front tubes. 
Hurst Indy jockey shifter works the auto gear box. Running the original stock mufflers, but gutted to give a loud throaty sound
see, no left handle on the bars! Automatic baby!

Tiptoeing through beautiful Canada! Now you see why it's dubbed the High Horse! 

This was Justin's project. Nice that it already had the good seat to start with! 1972 CB750K with a 1974 K motor and aftermarket MAC pipes.
Rolling work in progress, Justin is making changes as he rides it.
The seat is an old Drag Specialties king/queen that he reshaped a bit and had a buddy recover. Paint was done by Justin, his dad and brother Sterling. Countless hours were spent on polishing the engine.
Yeaaahhhh buddy!!
Some improvements on the bike are underway, like a bigger seat and sissybar combo. 

Thanks loads for sending these inspiring pics guys! and make sure to send updates as the bikes evolve!

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