Monday, June 1, 2015

the real deal


  1. And the dude on the right would have noooo problems tellin you hes the real deal.

    THATS an open primary! The original, original meat grinder.

    Thats where the wave crested. The high water mark that no one, as bitchin as the machines are today, has reached since. They started it, own it, and will forever own it. Try to attain that glory and fall short every time. Copied and pasted to a chopper show near you. Im a student, black and whites are my text books, study my face off, and will, humbly, never graduate. I was born too late.

  2. Thats a very true way of looking at it Dutch. Pretty cool to think there were dudes FIRST in what they were doing and probably not thinking about it

  3. I didnt mean to offend anyone building anything today. And i dont mean to imply anyones rippin off the originators. U can see the customs touches of individuals... And their individuality comes thru. The appreciaters nod their head to their influences. I hope it isnt taken that way by anyone. I was trying to nod my head.

    Very cool to think they were just havin fun n livin how they wanted to live. So rad someone had the foresight to take a camera along for the ride and capture it. Whoever was behind the camera must have thought it was as cool as we think it is and, unknowingly, made it documented history.