Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sportsters are fun!

Got a new project in the form of a dressed up 1975 Sportster,
after getting rid of the ugly (well most of it, forks will need to change as well)
The winter is coming, so this time it will keep a more snug low look with big tires
So for shits and giggles been messing with some other options!

How can people do this to a Sportster!?? Luckily it doesn't have forward controls, those are always a pain to fix back to stock

so, what's your choice!?
I've got my mind made up already, so stay tuned for how it's going to turn out!


  1. I like seat number 6 and the tank in number 1. although they all look pretty good.

  2. FOUR CAM!!! The way that tire is tucked it looks like its got FL shocks on it. Sportsters look sooooo slick lowered a little with covers and shock tops on em. They all look bitchin dude... but ONE!!! The king n queen seat, 76 tank, and no crash bar... slays them all. I really, really, REALLY figured id see a 10 over set of forks on it doin the Norcal. Cant wait to see where ya take it man. Keep the pictures comin when ya get it closer to where ya want it. Tjebbe rules!

  3. I like the flamed wassel tank with the with solo seat and p pad combo there all cool and fun though.

  4. thanks for the input guys and boy are you in for a surprise! ;-) haha