Thursday, October 30, 2014

Boses the BOSS

This here is Boses's fine machine, found as is and only added the sissybar and the mirror


Try it, you'll like it!!

Stone Free baby! whatever the hell that may be! it sounds pretty cool!

Built to last

Blue bike from Boses friend Rob, who sold it recently, but saved some pics. They're up soon on ZZchop!

Made for cruising and worry free travelling all over!

Cool riding shots by Ben Zales; find more here
Posing next to the worldfamous broccoli tree in San Pedro, CA!

ehhhm or was it the Japanese bike at the Japanese type temple!?


  1. Stone Free -> my guess would be the Jimi Hednrix song.
    Listen to it and look at the pics again. Especially the riding ones. Yeah man! ;)

  2. yeah that must be it!!! very cool!