Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another Century

the Century built bikes have got to be the finest that have come out of the 70s. Top of the line all the way.
It's weird, because this bike is very VERY similar to another one, "the purple snake" right down to the naked chick on top. Only thing very different seem the paint colors and handle bars. Check it out here

Side profile is just awesome. These lines will never grow old

Can't go wrong with a naked chick on the tank!


  1. I dont get the first line in that article... miles from being a chopper. Id call that a chopper all day long! Century frames always reminded me of a VL frame except w a straight backbone n downtube. The way the legs come off the axle dropouts n r parallel w the ground n the single downtube. If that aint the same bike the same dude painted the tins... hahaha! Unreal how close they r. Kinda reminds me of Renes black Sporty from Dago Speed, just w a springer n color on the tank n fender. Clean as fuck.

  2. Looks like an awesome bike. Would love to have one lol


  3. you and me both Jason!

    Hey Dutch, I remember that very cool sportster from Rene, it was for or from his nephew's school project I believe. My fellow countryman Flyin Dutchman did some supersharp pics of it on the driveway.
    It was a aftermarket frame, but not a CE I think...