Sunday, May 4, 2014


Extraordinary showcar this must be! Looks like a trimmed down VW powerplant with a chromed semistock exhaust and extremely narrowed rear axles... Not to mention the rad bodywork. Anybody got an idea what this is? Better pics maybe?

* Thanks to a nice blogreader 
Its "THE WISHBONE" by Ed Roth!
and some more pics plucked from interspace
and some more background information like Chris K. already pointed out here:


  1. it's the wishbone !!

  2. Roth hated the way it turned out so cut it up. I think it was Jim Jacobs who put it back together which pissed Roth off.

  3. Thanks for clarifiing this, and interesting fact there Chris!
    The rear wheel set up baffles me a bit, cause the wheels are so close to the engine. They must have shortened the axles quite a bit