Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pearl paint

and now, with a K model engine. By Hawgholic


  1. A Sportster w stock frame n fork dimensions thats a custom is beautiful to me. The factory got it right w the 4 cam from day one. The bike is perfect... before and after. I wonder if somethin happened to the rear fender n thats why they pulled the mounting skirts out of it n shortened it er if it just got chopped.

  2. Oh yeah your right! didn't even notice the rear fender. Maybe he used the front fender for that? I absolutely love that paintwork, if it were mine i'd build it into the norcal style!

  3. When the pics first started to load on my phone i thought if that bike had a long front end itd b the norcal bike of all norcal bikes. Paint is spot on... n fuckin bananas! The orange rules. An old timer that taught me a lot of custom painting n was a fan of color in a paint job said people wont cross the street to see a black bike (if its built right they will!). U put color on it itll catch some lookers. Layers upon layers look so cool on those old paint jobs. Such vision. Often imitated... almost never duplicated. I attribute it to better dope back then. Hawgholics version looks rad too. Tight little k model. Looks like a blast to ride!