Monday, May 19, 2014

Fun on Funny's

Me and mr Magic Martin went out and about on our timecapsule Honda's! the blue '72 is mine and the orange '73  is Martin's, which is the latest find loaded with gold and  rare stuff like the AEE mirror and the 1973 warbird taillight. It was built in '77, with the coolest stuff that was available in the time in the Netherlands (which wasn't much! most of the stuff had to be imported or self made) and primarily the paintwork got changed during it's life, mainly in the early 80s, see bottom pic
Yes, they look absolutely ridiculous! and that's why they are really a blast to drive!

Stance!!! the builders really took pride in  these bikes, the attention to detail is very well done. Also the fact that the history of both bikes is known and we still have contact with the original builders is pretty cool!
Also take into account that the Netherlands never really had a car or motorcycle culture, so to find a customized bike built back in the day is a rare thing

Built by John Torenstra from Naaldwijk, the Netherlands

Old pic from the late 70s. My bike in the front, with a different seat and thats about it! and on the other bike is the guy I got this picture from, Matje on his 550 Honda, which he stil has today and rides occasionally. (those invaders were flewn in hand luggage!)

Martin's bike as built in '77, before goldplating and different paint and murals
and check out the top right pic! This article must be from 1981 or so...