Saturday, March 15, 2014

Netherlands Norcal!

MrMagic Martin just finished his awesome Norcal styled sportster! Don't let the palmtrees fool you, bike is built in the good ole Netherlands! and yes it's very pretty in pink!

With the 8 inch extended front tubes and stock rear suspension, this baby can corner pretty hard without scraping something.  Some bending of the sidestand required!

Timeless cool! The thing that catches the eye mostly is that white grey and magenta paintwork, all done by the magic marvel himself. Front wheel is still awaiting a chromed out drum. That will be the neat finishing touch. Maybe this bike is the best of all mr Magics builds, but you decide by checking them out here
And it might come as a surprise, but ofcourse its inspired on this sweet K model!


  1. Small world. That same magazine has an article about a Wayne girder's 10,000 mile check out. It's a funny story about me and my Wayne forked knucklehead. Dr. Sprocket of Greasy Kulture magazine.

  2. Hi Doc!
    It blows my mind that you were doing cool stuff way back then, i wasn't even born in about 5 years!!!
    Now I'll definatly have to get me this mag!

  3. Dope stance, cool color combo!
    Does mr. Magic have a blog or websites?
    His bikes are brilliant!