Friday, February 7, 2014

Single loop by Century

In addition to yesterdays post, I stumbled on this article from the '71 Custom Chopper magazine about Century Enterprises frames.

Don't know if having no chain tensioners is a handy thing, but it sure does look spindly!

That top single loop frame looks awesome with the rear like that and is the same frame as the purple bike seen below


  1. That bike sits PERFECT! Wish i could the other side. Fuckin LOVE a neck w no gussets. I dont understand why they had the lower rear legs so high up on the rear motor mount in the pic of just the frame. Looks like the frame in the built bike isnt that way... Strange. Must b cause there was more meat to attatch em to at the rear mount w a single downtube providing not a lot of weldin surface. Just wanted to point out 7 out of 8 of the last posts have Sportsters in em... Tjebbe rules!

  2. haha!!! oops! didn't notice that there were so many sportsters the last week! Maybe it's a sign to go get one!
    Frame with the high rear legs... maybe you're right. It's a bit similar to the old 45 frames... Its pretty cool cause they run equal to the exhaust pipes

  3. Dutch, Ronny Nunes and Jim Jennings of Century were 2 guys ahead of their time, both aviation craftsmen turned Hot Rodders, they made a lot of early Arlen Ness parts, they played along the lines of the Drag Bike look, the one frame has lines Similiar to what was ran in the 60s, 70s when Sportsters were still King on the strip, even today I love the look, I spoke to both of these great guys by phone years back just about pleading them to build again, they moved on so to speak, in 1984 Jin built me a Hardhead for an Ironhead digger, the workmanship was unreal.. just my 2 cents.... Monte