Friday, January 3, 2014

Crazy Frank Friday

One from the archives from the guys at W&W

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  1. This is the old Shovel of Bernd Crossberger, who has founded W&W Gladbeck in 1988. I think he has built this bike in the mid- 80´s. It was "famous" here in Germany in this time, because of this "extreme rake" and because the story of his America- yourney with that bike has gone through several German Biker- magazines.
    Bernd organized the first real Custom Bike- Shows in here in Germany together with some friends from South Germany called the "Honky Tonk Bike Shows". They were "famous" here in Germany within the Chopper- ridin´ community in the late 80´s and beginning 90´s. There were not too many "well done- customized" Choppers here in germany at that times and the riders of the best Customs met at that year in the "south of Germany", normally organized by Horst Heiler or Steve Schneiderbanger and the next year in the "north of Germany" organized by Bernd Crossberger, the rider of this nice Swingarm- Shovel- Chopper on this photo.
    I met a guy from the region Bernd lives on the Superrally in Poland, who told me stories about his Crazy Frank- Fender on his Shovel. I forgot, if he really bought exactly this Crazy Frank- Fender from Bernd to put it on his Shovel or he he bought anotherone from him. His bike wasn´t as good as the bike from Bernd, but may I search the photo of him and his bike and send it to you with email...don´t know if I got time for that...just writing an article about my 1000 HILLS RUN for the next issue of SHOWCLASS- magazine...Tim Lind says, that it will be a European issue...think he gets the most input from Nicke Swensson from sweden and not much from germany or Holland, belgium and Luxemburg...but don´t know...maybe Beer / Grizzly wrote somethin´, too ???..don´t know yet...
    See ya...??? sometimes somewhere ???