Monday, December 2, 2013

Spiffy Sportster

If anything sums up the whole digger style, it's this awesome sportster by Dennis Schriber. The top picture has been floating across the interwebs for many many years, but here's the whole article. Absolutely love this thing, especially that paint, whoaa!

The most striking thing has got to be the hair. Look at it! it's perfect!

and a rarely seen pic of the man himself pushing it into a bikeshow


  1. Ecellent post. Really gets the wheels turning.

  2. His hair is perfect, but u cant fuck w that fu manchu or the sideburns either. Check the dude out in the Coors shirt in the background. Full on cock adjustment... Awesome. Prolly adjustin the stiffy the Spiffy Sportster is givin him. Totally understandable. I got a chubber too. 4 cams forever!

  3. Fuck! I didn't even see the cock adjusting goin on! The guy looks like my kind of maniac!!!!