Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday Tank tales

Most old bikes get ripped apart when changing hands, this 1975 shovelhead was no exception!
First pics are from 1999, when it was still kinda pretty 80s style custom. Then it got stuck in a moist barn untill recently. The current owner tore it apart and sold off some stuff. Yep, too bad... but the tanks and rear fender + struts are now in safe hands of yours truly! Plus, the very friendly current owner plans on building a  Zero styled bike, which could pan out just fine!

In the 80s, this was the style to have!  seems like it had a fork "upgrade" in the 90s. And the crimescene in the background ;-)

Little rough around the edges, perfect patina if you ask me! Add a 10 inch  OS wideglide and presto: perfect!

Chopper in a box! Hopefully one day it will live again, but for now its safe for future generations!

The original artwork "Hollyweed" by Dave Mann

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