Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dutch glory

long time Dutch chopper builder Matje showed some cool pics from back in the day, here he is on a chopped BSA back in the late 60s. In a time where there were hardly any chopperparts or even magazines around here in Holland. The exhaust stacks were probably made out of vacuumcleaner pipes!

as a young man in the 60s Matje saw / heard a chopped Triumph raging thru his village everyday and was instantly intrigued and wanted to know more of it. Finally he managed to jump in front of the guy, turns out it was a US soldier stationed at a US armybase located nearby. A friendship was struck and the soldier brought some choppermagazines back from the US and Matje drooled over all the cool stuff he saw!
This is just one of a couple cool pics I got, the others still need a little tweeking. So more on that later!

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