Friday, August 16, 2013

Moto-Cross dresser

Harley-Davidson Rattlesnake Blues from Idea Farmer on Vimeo.

Came across this super cool movie of some guys having fun on FLH's, check out some of these stills

at the beginning you see this fully chromed one

You'd think the owner of this fine specimen would pamper it, but this guy is ripping it up!

Wide load!

Having some mad fun on a barge like this! That continental kit is so cool!

Red wall front tire!??

Seen a guy doing this on a moped once! needless to say it didn't end well!

Mayday Mayday! going down!!!

came across this pic on Ebay, which looks to be the same dude / bike

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  1. This is a rodeo with attitude. I love it (and the music, it goes without saying).
    But "good old days", i guess.