Wednesday, July 24, 2013

German outlaw

Old pic from Matje's archives from a German outlaw (hailing from Essen) from the 1970s, (can't really tell what the top rocker says, can you!?)
He bought the cool CB550 "funny" chopper built by Matje back then, when this picture was taken. Sadly according to the Dutch DMV, the registration number isn't known anymore. But it could be in Germany somewhere.
Real European chopper history right here!!!


  1. Hi Tjebbe,

    the top rocker says "HOT WHEELS".
    A traditional 1%-er- Club from Essen.
    They got Hells Angels later, I think in the late 90´s or the early 2000´s- years.

    Since two or three years, this doesn´t charter exists anymore because of very strange club- politics here in what...

    They had a great clubhouse in Essen...absolutely looked like in the 70´s...really rotten and fucked- up...perfect place to be...but it is cloded now,´s a what...

    Hope, I could help.

    Cheers from Germany

    1000 HILLS RUN

  2. Thanks Butcher for another history lesson of German chopper history!
    (and Dan too ;-)