Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cali Funny chopper

Unknown funny CB750 at a unknown show by a unknown photographer from an unknown blog. Can anyone help me out!? I'd love to see more of this scoot!


  1. thats my buddy Bo's bike, its in my garage atm

  2. Hey that's my bike! Gen (Love Ear Art) snapped this and put it on his blog a little while back. I found this bike pretty much the way it is up in Paso Robles, for $1300 with the extended forks, pullbacks, K&Q and the original 70's paint complete with "Stone Free" on the tank. Found a sissy bar that fit, had the carbs rebuilt, new tires, chain, and a new electronic ignition and it runs perfect. I'm actually on the way to Portland to pick it up from my buddy Benji's house who hauled it up north so I can ride it back down the coast back to Long Beach over the course of the next week. I also own that "Miller Time" weird molded triumph that you posted a while ago, it's pretty close to being finished. I'll send you some more pictures of both bikes.

  3. that's my friend Bo's from long beach. it rips!

  4. Neato guys! Bo is the same as Frankie right? Awesome score you got there, back in the day they were pretty common in Europe, but you hardly see any left.
    I've been keeping a survivor CB under the wraps myself, so therefore the interest in it!
    I have a blast riding around on mine, I just feel like a Playmobil puppet driving it! haha!
    yeah, definatly keep in touch Bo I'd love to see some more of it and the triumph!