Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bad mamajama's

Good pictures of full dressers from back in the day are pretty hard to come by so I was really amazed & happy! when Mick sent this one in. I definitly want to build a full dresser once again, so any material is more then welcome! And also this blog functions like a sort of archive so that these cool pics dont scatter and get lost all over the interwebs, so you can always look back and check out more full dressers by clicking on the label "full dresser" below this post.
Just plain badass!
I think I've seen the guy smoking the sigar before, on a different picture.

the whole picture, love the clothing styles too!

According to the caption of this pic, this pic was taken at a AMCA Rhineback NY meet in 2013

the background somewhat photoshopped by yours truly
and anothershot from the side, Thanks for the pic Maurice!

and some more from the Rhineback show, mostly taken by Badassbrutus from the JockeyJournal

Oh man! it almost looks too heavy to get it off the sidestand! That must be a real excersize getting it out of the garage

Real cool exhaust pipe extentions
a better shot by SpeedAndNoise


  1. I saw that bike cruising around Rhinebeck last weekend, and those pipes were loud!

  2. Oh woa! What was it like to see it cruising by!? Did it had all the lights on?