Monday, March 11, 2013

my dad

is a globetrotter at heart, here he is in the desert in 1963. The car is a 12hp (!) Citroën 2cv from 1952.
It was an amazing journey of 24400 kilometers (15161 miles), 46 flat tires, being shot at by bandits and driving thru villages that had never seen a car before! (remember, it was 1963!) He and a friend drove from Rotterdam, the Netherlands all the way to Tibet! Crossing Germany, Joegoslavia, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and India and all kinds of important historical places. The one that stands out is the Taj Mahal in India. Convincing the guards that they needed the car battery to operate the camera, they managed to get the car inside the walls to take a picture!
He still has the left front door as seen on the pictures where they painted the route on. That and a huge load of color slide's.

Here he is! And only 22years old at the time!
The car they left home with had 87000 miles on it when they left! After the epic journey they got to the Dutch border, the cops didn't allow them to drive into the country because it was worn to bits and on 4 bald tires!

One of the absolute highlights of the trip. Try to get your car pictured in front of the Taj Mahal today!Sad story is, he is now battling cancer for the last 2 years and also the main reason why I don't post much motorcycle projects from myself.
Please get well dad, i love to hear the stories of this trip and the many others


  1. What a great "Epic" story of timeless spirit, adventure and bravery.

  2. Sterkte, ik weet in welk schuitje je zit

  3. Goed verhaal! Wat een avontuur zeg! Ik wens jullie beterschap! Grt, Ton.

  4. Hey man, hou je taai. Geweldig verhaal!

  5. Wauw! Wens je pap beterschap en laat hem je alle verhalen over zijn jeugd vertellen, dat is het mooiste wat er is.

  6. All my best wishes to your Father. Looks like he lives life to the fullest!