Friday, January 25, 2013

Readers ride

Homemade CB550 digger by Markus from Germany


  1. Man that,s well cool i can dig it:!! dude want one for sure...

  2. WC (see note on door) = Wirklich Cool.
    Got anymore pics to share? I'd be interested in a sideview...

  3. Hey Moelle, alter "Digger- Rider",

    meld dich mal hat jetzt im Winter ´nen paar Monate ja leider nichts mehr voneinander gehö ja cool, dass man wenigstens hier mal deine Karre sieht, beim holländischen Digger- Freak "an sich" ...hihihi...

    Grüße aus Eslohe


    Hey Tjebbe,

    it´s cool to see "great and well- done" photos of German Diggers and Choppers here, since you once posted this ridiculous one....don´t know if Markus (= Choppermoelle, who lives here in my region and is one of the best home- made Chopperbuilder in Germany yet and is visiting my 1000 HILLS RUN with his friends from his "Chopper- builder- garage- club" CUSTOM CYCLE CREW ) sends you further photos. There are always lots of great details and home- made parts on his builts and it´s always cool to have a second look at his if you got further phots of this actual Digger- project or of one of his further projects, please post´s always cool, what he´s doin´...believe me or not...

    Cheers from Germnay

    Butcher / 1000 HILLS RUN Germany

  4. Thank´s for the flowers! Anyone who is intreted in watchig more photos of my digger, can watch them on "U.S.Custombikes blog" under
    "Gold Digger"
    Have Fun!