Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Built in 69

according to Mats Hedenstrand:

"Its a 1939U 1200 sold new here in Sweden in 1940. It was bult as a chopper in 1969 in Rätvik Dalarna (Sweden) by Calle Jonason, He had help from his friend with this bike to look this cool. One of my best friend Urban was going to get a Chopper in 1973 and put a want ad , and he got a letter with this photo and was fore sale fore 6000skr , but his dad was a cop and say no! He got a 45 that was a little milder, Urban past away in 1985 and his mom gave me these old Photos , I had it framed over my work bench and this fall I bought a 1939 Flathead in a Denver frame and long glide front end , and it is the same bike but ruind in the 80's when it was chopped again." (the blue bike below)

I'll bet this was one of the most outreageous things on the road in Sweden of 1969!
Love that pearl salmon colored paint...

don't worry, this bike is now being rebuilt with an original frame/ springer etc.!

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