Thursday, October 11, 2012

ze Germans

Nice and bright AME built bike!


  1. Hey Tjebbe,
    it´s nice, that you´ve searched a little bit and that you´ve found a little bit nicer AME- Bike than the last one with this "nice- overdressed Style-Guru" on was hard in the 70s to built a good- looking Chopper because of that ridiculous fuckin´ TÜV- restrictions here in Germany. I think this one is nearly OK and they´ve built up further nice bikes, although they weren´t alloud to do all the things in choppin´ nearly all other Europeans were alloud to...
    Cheers from Germany
    Butcher / 1000 HILLS RUN

  2. Hey Tjebbe,
    just found out, that this is a built of the 90´s, although it really looks all like the 70´s !
    It´s a Kawasaki 1100 Zephir- Motor in an AME ST 802- frame with 45 degrees rake and a 4 into 4 Trumpet Style- were able to built this style with AME- parts in the 90´s, if you loved that style in the 90´s, which nearly noone did...but AME was able to deliver that stuff to built up a "nostalgic 70´s- Chopper"...and maybe they´re able to deliver till tosay, if someone wants to built up something similar...they were proud to deliver those stuff in the 90s !!! Respect !
    Butcher / 1000 HILLS RUN