Monday, August 6, 2012


I've been eyeballin this FXE that is for sale here locally, (they are asking way too much money)
but if you take off all that 90s crap like handlebars, wideglide conversion, the sprung seat, hideous headlight brow and added some cast wheels (or a set of chromed Jammer wheels), a cobra seat and a dragbar with some Jackhammer grips you'd have a winner in your hands!!!
oh well, just daydreaming...

From time to time you'll see a bike that has so much potential it hurts! Well for me, this week it is this one!

It would've been better with mid controls

This paint is the best part of the whole bike!!!

Considering the guys ask roughly 10.500 dollars, it isn't exactly a good price for a project bike now is it!?

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  1. so all you're saying is that you like all the golden parts and the paint.. ;-)