Sunday, June 3, 2012


there was a time of these horrible machines; Honda's (& Triumphs too!) that were dressed up as Harleys,
I'm glad those days are over!


  1. Well Today they dress rigid Triumphs with Harley engines, narrow toy bars and ugly flake paint.. and call them choppers..

  2. They were all great then and their all great now. What makes you think they wanted them to look like a Harley? Indian and Royal Enfield both started manufacturing motorcycles before Harley Davidson. Man I hate it when they try to make their Harleys look like Indians! What a mentality!!!

  3. Mooie Honley haha!


  4. I agree with Anonymous on June 4, I myself own a harley, the only bikes i dont like are bikes that are produced new to look like harleys/indians/triumphs (Custom Look) when they are a kawasaki, yamaha or suzuki. at the same time, Im looking to buy a Yamaha XS650 for my wife and build it into a bobber. So i love all kinds of customization.