Monday, June 11, 2012

Snake's candy Honda


  1. This chopper was built by my stepfather, William "Snake" Pemberton. My mother's name is Candy, hence the name "Snake's Candy". We also had matching helmets - Snake's had the Snake from the tank on the sides, and on the back it said "El Snako", mom's had the candy cane with "Candy" on the back, and mine had the face of Rocky the Flying Squirrel on the sides with my name - Rocky - on the back.

    Before the wreck the bike had a smaller (2.5 gal I think), single cap tank on it. After the wreck he upgraded to the larger (5 gal?), double cap tank that's in the magazine article.

    Speaking of the article, Snake was PISSED that they screwed up the bike's name - it says "Snake's & Candy" instead of "Snake's Candy" (no '&').

    Just in case anyone sees this, I thought I'd share.

    1. Hi Rocky!
      That's a great background story to this bike, and what a cool name to have, "Snake" just sounds badass!
      I understand that he was pissed they spelled the name wrong in the article, I've had a similar experience once.
      Back then it was a big deal to be in a nation wide chopper magazine!
      Cool that you found my website man!!!

  2. P. S. - His full name was William R Pemberton. He used Ray occasionally, but EVERYONE called him Snake, including mom and me