Thursday, June 14, 2012

KH chopper story

my bud Maurice bought his first Harley (an overrestored yellow / white WLA) back when he was in his early 20's, and we were all very stoked to have a real Harley amongst us! (Since all we had were simple 50cc Honda's!) To make the long trip into Germany worthwile he also bought a chopper project from the same guy but the seller nor we knew exactly what it was, but my buddy thought he could make some money back from his initial investment. Looking back now  I'm hitting myself in the head for not buying it from him! It turned out to be a KH chopper! Little did we know! I've been looking for years for a pic of it, and a while back I found this old printout from the day my buddy found it. This must be somewhere in the mid nineties or so...

lots of "wrong" parts, but the bates seat was the proverbial cherry on the cake!


  1. Fuck yeah!! i remember riding that thing on the dirtroad at his shop and thinking it was a piece of shit he bought.. hahaha..