Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Year of the dragon

How many dragon bikes does the world need!??

It's hard to miss the flamed rear end, but stuff like the front rockers and the radial spoked front wheel are really neat
Marvelous color pic with dreamy lady

I'll bet this piece of motorcycle is a re-incarnation of either one dragon bikes seen above (or maybe it is all 1 bike through the decades!) And ofcourse there is always some #$%^& that has to "improve" something and tend to go overboard. "If you can doesn't mean you should!" kind of thing!  


  1. I was talking to Ted from V-Twin last year at a swap meet and he was telling me about the "Dragon Man." The bottom picture you have is of that guy, and I have a couple more of him. That's a really old bike, and apparently he used to rip around Jersey on it back in the day; wheelies and all!

  2. That top pic is an old one of Steve Bonge. He has an FXR that is ALWAYS parked in front of the Hells Angels NYC clubhouse.

  3. Old Soul, Steve is the Pres of the NYC far as i know...

  4. Hey Grant! I saw this bike in the 1970's at Coney Island! I always remembered seeing this bike at Nathan's. So almost 40 something years later I googled motorcycle with dragon, but at first I got motorcycles with painted dragons on it. I add motor cycles with dragons from the 1970's and there was the motorcycle with the guy from Coney Island. This was one of the top memories from my childhood seeing that bike. I was only about 5 to 7 years old! I ran up to the curb where the guys were sitting on their bikes, and just looked at the bike and them. My mom came and pulled me away as I pointed to the motorcycle and the guys. My mom was probably nervous as she said yes that is a nice bike. All the bikers were nice, and just smiled as I was pulled away, and we got in the station wagon for our ride back to Jersey. I finally got to see that motorcycle again after 40 years. This pictured will make me smile for a long time!