Tuesday, February 7, 2012


"The Marauder" by HawgHolic!

Awesome use of parts throughout, there is so much cool stuff to see, awesome rear wheel, fender + struts rule, Alphabet headers are rad and the complete frontend kicks ass too! And a perfect slim flame job really set it off. Did I mention that I really like this bike, therefore it gets classed in the elusive "most awesomest bike ever" label below this post!

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  1. the funny thing is i found that bike in Norco California and it was a molded swingarm frame with the murrano pearl flame paint job you see, but it had a 12-over early glide with a knuckle 18 on the front, a tall king and queen with a tall dagger cheetah sissy bar. Neat old bike that had been off the road for decades. Sold it to my Friend Hajime in JP (friends with Gak) and Gak transformed it into this. Gen (Love Ear Art) painted the horseshoe tank to match because it had a stock swingarm oil tank and battery in it.