Monday, January 23, 2012

to 70s or not to 70s

maybe you got the impression that I like all bikes built in the 70s, but that's not the case. Take this here bike, it has all the cool stuff that you'd  imagine, but the flow just isn't there. Take a look at the handlebar area, I have never seen something so crowded! The color combo doesn't work for me either. Ofcourse it is all just a matter of taste and I would definatly have a look if it was on a bike show somewhere, but I'd prefer to strip it and take all parts! especially the gold stuff ;-)

Gotta love the mirror!

a covermodel in 1983,

And FFWD to July 2016, stripped and discarded in a thriftstore in Holland


  1. As far as I remember was this the first bike Moto-Lux build in Holland. Forgot the year. Must be still hanging around in the Netherlands.


    1. You're right,Ben. It was built for Vanessa(famous "singer" back then)'s husband,who had more money than good taste.All the gold coloured parts were actually 24K guilded.I bought my first semi-chopper from a mechanic who worked for Moto-Lux and it was even featured on their Highway Hawk parts catalog....

  2. thanks for the extra info anonymous!