Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3 wheeler

Michael from Denmark sends some pics of his work in progress 3 wheeler that he bought from the USA about 8 years ago. According to the seller back then: it was built in Xenia, and the man was dead now but his son still lives. The guy told me that it had a pan in it and he bought it only for that many years ago, and then put in his barn. Michael sourced the wheels that he likes on it and also the girder. If anyone has some more info / history about this very special trike, let us know please!

Looks like Michael has a lot of projects going on ;-) put the trike as a number 1 priority please!

The coolest part of the whole trike is the weird molded rear end! It could use a talented painter to add some psychedelics. Interesting looking steamroller thing behind it too...

Wild metalflake upholstery too

Check out the floorboard! it is made of an old 3.5 gallon tank!

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  1. WILD!!!!

    is that a floorboard? looks to me like it's just a half piece of dummy-tank laying on the floor next to it.