Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Seattle Superglide!

Nick DePaolo's supercool superglide hailing from Seattle (with the same shitty weather as we do over here in Holland!) more of his adventures here
Just found out he won "best chopper" at Born Free 3 too!!!

Nick, I don't know if you know, but you really seem to have an eye for photography!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday tanks!

wacky color combo, but I like that lettering!

Cool fiberglass tank with very subtle yet cool pinstripe, If this is your bike please email me so I can give credit

Monday, June 27, 2011

Coming up!

hopefully next weekend I'm finally getting my new frame! schhhhweet!

chopped Ness tank

Engraved wheel with fiberglass fender

super low pullback bars, going on a polished 35mm front end with 21 inch wheel...

Going to be wicked cool!

Ben's in color!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ben Henrites Sportster

owned by Ben, built by Arlen? (judging from the tag up front)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Teriffic trike

Cool trike sporting a mirror you hardly ever see, I'd like 2 of them please!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

They all hate it!

... but they all want to ride it!!! Sik and Mr Magic had a go on the garbage wagon. It was fun to see em cruise that big pile of crap!
and to be honest, they had to be forced with a stick to drive it!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bottrop bound!

I wish I could say Born free bound, but no! Bottrop in Germany will have to do ;-)
I'd like to cruise the freshly finished fulldresser to Bottrop in a couple of hours, but if feels a bit wobbly in the front end, maybe it's because of the heavy load in the back! And the crap weather isn't going to help the handling either... So we'll see how it goes...

I've discovered this dresser set a couple of years ago at a Harley junkyard up north, and always wondered how it would've looked like back in the day. Well that time has arrived! What I got was the batwing, the toptrunk and the 2 saddlebags without lids. I've matched the tanks and 1 of the lids to the existing paint. The seat was found elsewhere but fits like a glove (and weighs a ton!!!)

From chopper to dresser!!

BOOYAHHH!  can't stop smiling when driving this barge!!!

Im not to keen on the exhaust set up like this, but I didn't have anything else that fits kickstart and mids... It should have dual pipes sticking out of the back, well, maybe later!

still have to match that left saddle bag lid, but in the mean time a white one will do just fine

"the Trone"!

this trunk is huuuge, I'll still have to wire up some old radio to those speakers... blasting some old soul music!

the ass end is really heavy and takes a day of work bolting it all on!

matched the paint to the fairing, including damage and scratches!
The cops are going to love the red spots!

This paint must have ben in done mid 70s in the States, the stickers are a more recent addition!
For the guys and gals just tuning into this blog, check the post below to see how this bike looked like before!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to MURAL!

An all time favorite tank I have was looking so cool with the awesome simple sunset paintjob, my bike screamed for something more. The crazy frank was plain black with some scuffs and bruises from the years on the road. Perfect canvas for some spraycan wickedness. That's right, no airbrush was used in the making of this painting! Only 2 spraycans: red and yellow, some masking tape, fineline tape and some degreaser liquid.
the tank I had, and I wanted the fender to match.

Get your average beat up crazy Frank, or any fender of your liking ;-) clean it if you like it that way!
tape out a panel with 3M fineline tape (as found in your auto supply store)

mask the shit out of it!

Add mountains!

Spray the yellow basecoat

and here is where I forgot to take some more pics of the step inbetween! lovely paintfumes! Anyway, after the yellow basecoat, tear up a piece of paper to act like clouds. Spray red carefully. Dry with a hairdryer. Spray sun with yellow. Remove mountain masking tape, and follow the bottom line of your panel with red paint to add illusion of evening mist.
remove blue tape and cover in clear. You're all done!

add seat and take a step back. Open up that 3rd can of beer! Your Bob Ross, enjoy it!

the somewhat matching endresult. It doesn't always have to be perfect! 

I just love this version! Luckily I have all the parts in stock to build it like this again...
Well guys, I hope this brings some inspiration to you all! If you replace the red and yellow with grey and blue, you can get a nice snowy mountain top mural! the possibilities are endless!