Monday, December 5, 2011

Mod Rod inspiration

the Mod Rod, a well known '23 Ford T built in 1972 was the inspiration for the new header. The far out space scene is the best!! The car's first year it was known as "Oddyssey" before it was dubbed mod rod. Street rod magazine did a nice write up on the whole car here
Pics by Dain Gingerelli

Right side was painted in orange and red hues

Left side was painted in a colder color combo, icy blue!

The way cool space scene! I'm betting we're gonna see more of this style paint soon, with Gen from Love Ear Art taking the lead!

the wild rear consists of a 69 Corvette crafted on the Model T body

Holographic tape, stickerdump still has it!

and voila! Now you know what the inspiration is behind this header!

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