Monday, December 26, 2011


the original bike that was used in ads for the CFE company, nowadays it's in good hands of Duas Caras in Japan. I believe this above scan was from the latest "Cycle Headz" magazine

The ad that was used in the 70's

I don't know what exact direction I'm going with this, but some key ingredients are there!


  1. Stond dat tankje onlangs niet te koop op marktplaats maar in het zwart?

  2. that bike was at the local swap meet here, but with no motor. the gas tank has a picture of a goose with a huge dick. its bad ass.

  3. that was Dick Hershberg's bike from the Galloping Gooses. I believe he founded the club. He built a new bike every year and was in the million mile club that harley has.

  4. That bike was named the spruce goose